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Don’t Forget Delivery Costs – We are very competitive on delivery nationwide.

We have a massive range of products listed in all different sizes, we can only provide a rough estimate on how much freight will be listed below.

Once you complete your free quote we will be able to give you an exact price to get your items.

When you’re comparing prices, you need to factor in delivery costs – and ours are regularly the lowest in the market. This is not because we use cheap couriers – we use professional reputable carriers – our freight costs are lower because we don’t seek to augment our profits with fat margins. If anything, we’ll absorb small losses just to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

For an approximation on cost see examples below of our most popular delivery destinations for various product equipment sizes – from really small to really big. All Food Equipment delivers new Quality Discounted Catering Equipment Australia wide, It’s all good!…
*Below are some examples but we will try and do better for you.

SizeExample ItemsSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneCanberraAdelaidePerth
XSBar Blenders view$25$35$35$40$40$50
SFruit Peelers view$30$40$40$35$40$50
MJuicers view$35$45$50$45$55$85
SizeExample ItemsSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneCanberraAdelaidePerth
LOvens view$35$45$50$50$55$85
XLGlass Door Fridge view$130$130$130$140$150$180
XXLGlass Door Fridges view$140$140$140$160$160$190
SizeExample ItemsSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneCanberraAdelaidePerth
XXLGlass Door Fridge view$160$160$160$180$180$210
XXXLCoolroom Extra Large * view$290$360$400$360$430$1,050
XXXXFreezer Rooms Largest * view$300$420$460$420$490$1,250

* This Service is for non-tailgated service, clients will need to have the manpower onsite to unload the truck on delivery.

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